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Are you looking for quality metal panels or accessories for a project? Look no further! OK Metals provides quality roofing and siding panels with an excellent 3-day turnaround time. We manufacture the highest quality metal panels in Oklahoma, and our prices and quality are hard to beat.

Our company supplies custom metal roofing fabrication services for all of central Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. Whether you are a roofing contractor or a farmer wanting to replace your barn siding, we have the metal supplies you need. We offer metal panels that work well for many applications.


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Our Tuff Rib Panel is our most commonly used product and is available in 29 or 26-gauge material. It is available painted or unpainted, though we recommend painted, as it tends to be more corrosion-resistant and durable. Our metal roofing and siding panels undergo a premium galvanization process, making them strong and the quality unbeatable.


Our metal panels for roofing is made with galvanized steel and is guaranteed to last for years. Our 26 and 29-gauge painted metal comes with a 40-year warranty for roofing applications and is the strongest steel in the industry.


We provide metal panels for siding in many colors and any length you specify. Whether you are building a steel building, a pole barn, or an agricultural building, we can provide the metal panels for your project.


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Need panels for a pole barn roof? Want to do some interior design? We offer metal panels for many uses, and with our customizable options, there is no end to the list of uses for our metal panels.


Whether you’re installing panels in your garage or on your barndominium, we have the metal products you need. Our 26 or 29 gauge galvanized steel is perfect for light commercial and residential applications.


When it comes to big projects, you want a supplier you can trust. We offer quality metal for commercial applications and our 26 gauge commercial grade is made with a higher percentage of zinc and is coated with a siliconized polyester paint system.


Pole barns are largely composed of metal panels and finding a supplier
er who can provide you with the quantity you need can be difficult. At OK Metals we not only offer quality metal panels for agricultural applications but we can provide the necessary quantity as well. Our 26 gauge steel is highly corrosion-resistant and works great for cattle barns and livestock.


metal roofing and siding panels accessories

If you would like to add an accent piece to your shed, we offer custom trim options in many color choices. Our trim is made by a digitally controlled hydraulic trim press and is cut into 2-inch increments.

We offer other accessories for your projects like sealant tape, hip and ridge vents, and more!


Whether you need metal panels for your pole barn or trim for your garage, we have the supplies you need. The metal panels we manufacture are made with galvanized steel and are corrosion-resistant. With prices that are hard to beat, and a three-day turnaround time, you can be sure that OK Metals has what you need when you need it.

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