Metal Panel Uses

large metal barn at night with fire at round table and outdoor f


At OK Metals, we have the best metal supplies Oklahoma has to offer. We offer roofing and siding panels for residential use. Our quality residential metal panels come in 26 or 29-gauge metal panels and will work well on the interior and exterior of many housing structures like metal garages, pole barns, and even barndominions. We offer various colors and lengths of metal panels, and our customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

metal frame of the building with a sandwich panel of insulation on the wall construction of a new industrial building modern insulation of the walls of the building panels of insulation


If you are looking to get a big project done, look no further. We offer commercial metal panels that are high quality and corrosion resistant, perfect for steel building projects, pole barns, and other commercial applications. Our quality metal panels come in 26 or 29-gauge steel and undergo a galvanization process, making them durable and weather resistant.

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Agricultural metal PANELS

We understand the importance of keeping your livestock sheltered, and we offer agricultural metal roof and siding panels that will withstand wind and rain. Our 26 and 29-gauge steel is strong and durable and undergoes a galvanization process, preventing rusting and damage. Our agricultural metal panels can be used for equipment barns, horse barns, and various other types of agricultural buildings.