metal panels accessories

metal panel Accessories

Want some red accent trim on your shed? At OK Metals we can customize your trim for you in any color and in many different lengths! With our 3-day turnaround time, you can order your trim and receive it a few days later. No more long, frustrating wait time! We also offer multiple screws and fasteners in a wide range of colors.

screws and fasterners

Screws and Fasteners

We offer a wide range of screws and fasteners with our metal paneling. One of the differentiating factors of our accessories is our wide variety of screw colors, allowing you to match your screws to your paneling.



We are proud to serve our customers with custom trim options. With our digitally controlled, hydraulic trim machine, most trim can be precision made in 2′ increments beginning at 10′ and going to 16′. We can customize your trim for you, for an accented look, or an out-of-the-ordinary piece to complement your building.

metal panel accessories for roofing and siding

  • Sealant Tape- Used at the panel flaps to increase weather tightness.
  • Ultibond- Metal sealant for all weather to provide protection.
  • Pipe boots- Flashing for waterproofing pipe penetrations of a roof.
  • Hip and Ridge Vent- Avoids condensation build-up, keeps the roof cool, and prevents heat and moisture damage.
  • Touch-up Paint Pen- Used to cover scratches and abrasions.


Whether you need metal panels for your pole barn or trim for your garage, we have the supplies you need. The metal panels we manufacture are made with galvanized steel and are corrosion-resistant. With prices that are hard to beat, and a three-day turnaround time, you can be sure that OK Metals has what you need when you need it.

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