Agricultural Metal Roofing and Siding Panels

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Running a farm is not easy work. There are barns to build, livestock to take care of, and equipment to keep in working condition. Keeping animals safe and sheltered is a farmer’s top priority, especially in the winter months. At OK Metals, we offer strong and long-lasting agricultural metal roofing and siding panels to keep your barn and its inhabitants secure. Need to get a metal barn project done in record time? We have a three-day turnaround time so that you can get your metals and get to work!

We offer our customers two primary kinds of steel, 26-gauge, and 29-gauge. What’s the difference? Both undergo a galvanization process and are coated in siliconized polyester paint, preventing corrosion. For commercial applications and livestock barns especially, the 29 gauge is our recommended choice. It can better withstand the condensation levels that come with livestock barns.

agricultural metal panels-work room

Metal Panels For Equipment Buildings

Need some quality metal for large equipment building roofs? We provide agricultural metal roofing panels in various colors for your building projects. Storing equipment in a safe and secure location is important, and our 26 and 29-gauge metal will fortify any agricultural metal building from corrosion, wind, rain, and snow. Our metal panels are easy to install and long-lasting, perfect for any agricultural project.

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Metal Panels for pole barns

Pole Barns are a popular building these days, and many pole barn contractors are on the lookout for good quality metal for pole barns with a good turnaround time. Look no further! OK Metals offers a three-day turnaround time for your orders and our 26 or 29-gauge metal is unmatched in quality and affordability, as well as quantity. Customize the length of paneling and color and begin building your pole barn in record time!

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Metal Panels for Dairy Barns

Keeping your cows warm and dry can be a challenge in the wintertime when it’s cold outside. Constructing your dairy barn with agricultural metal roofing panels will ensure that your barn is safe against rot, moisture, and pests, as well as guarantees the health and safety of your cows. Barns built with metal roofing and siding panels will last longer and be more structurally sound than wooden barns.

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Metal Panels for horse barns

Horses are beloved pets as well as work machines. Keeping your horses healthy and warm is a top priority for any farmer, and metal-constructed horse barns are one way to do it. Μetal siding is easy to install and very strong against strong winds and rain. Our agricultural metal roofing panels come in a variety of colors and lengths, so you can customize your barn to your tastes. Our metal panels for horse barns is built to last and will keep your horses safe from the outdoor elements. It is also fire-resistant!


Whether you need metal panels for your pole barn or trim for your garage, we have the supplies you need. The metal panels we manufacture are made with galvanized steel and are corrosion-resistant. With prices that are hard to beat, and a three-day turnaround time, you can be sure that OK Metals has what you need when you need it.

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