Metal Roofing Panels

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Tired of waiting for your metal panels to arrive? We know the importance of staying on schedule with your projects and getting your materials in time for your customers. We offer a three-day turnaround time at OK Metals, guaranteeing that you can get to work building your shed in plenty of time. 

We understand that quality and affordability both are important, and we strive to meet your expectations. At OK Metals, we offer customizable metal roofing panels in color and lengths of up to 40 feet. Our Tuff Rib Panel, also known as Classic Rib, Ag-Panel, and D-Rib, is strong and durable. This popular sheet metal is usually fastened with screws in the flats of the panel. It comes in the following specifications: 

  • 26 gauge/ 29 gauge
  • Painted/ Nonpainted 

Because the painted galvalume is more durable and corrosion resistant, we offer a 40-year warranty, whereas the nonpainted galvalume is not as durable and comes with a 25-year warranty.

metal roofing panels

Residential Grade

At OK Metals, we offer the best quality and the most affordable prices in the metal industry. We use a premium galvanization process on our 26 gauge steel, giving you a product that is guaranteed to last for years. Our SR-60 metal roofing panels are strong and coated with a siliconized polyester paint system. These qualities make our panels excellent for interior and exterior use, as well as for light commercial applications and residential applications.

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Commercial Grade

The SR-100,our 29 gauge product, has a large amount of zinc applied in the galvanization process. The SR-100 metal roof panels have more zinc than the SR-60 and therefore a higher corrosion resistance. It is also coated with a siliconized polyester paint designed to withstand the elements. The SR-100 is the strongest in the industry and works great for commercial use. We have given the SR-100 a 40-year warranty on sidewall usage and a 35-year warranty on roofing applications.


Whether you need metal panels for your pole barn or trim for your garage, we have the supplies you need. The metal panels we manufacture are made with galvanized steel and are corrosion-resistant. With prices that are hard to beat and a three-day turnaround time, you can be sure that OK Metals has what you need when you need it.

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