Metal siding Panels

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Do you need quality metal siding panels in record time? Sometimes it can feel frustrating falling behind in your work, especially when the promised metal panels you ordered aren’t arriving in time. At OK Metals, we offer a three-day turnaround time, so scheduling and completing your work won’t have to be an issue for you.

Customization is our specialty and we offer Tuff Rib Panel siding in any length and color you specify! Tuff Rib Panel is the most commonly used metal siding and roofing panel in the residential and agricultural market today, also known as Classic Rib, Ag-Panel, and D-Rib. It is most commonly fastened in the flats of the panel with screws. Our Tuff Rib Panel is affordable and durable and available in the following specifications: 

  • 26 gauge/ 29 gauge
  • Painted or Galvalume 

The painted Tuff Rib Panel is very durable and corrosion-resistant and comes with a 40-year warranty. Our non-painted galvalume comes with a 25-year warranty, so we believe the painted galvalume is worth the extra protection

metal roofing panels

Residential Grade

Our metal siding panels are the best in the metal roofing industry. Our family-owned business can provide you with custom products along with a high quantity of products. The 29 gauge metal siding panel is not only strong enough to withstand the elements but it is also coated with a siliconized polyester paint system. This quality makes it perfect for residential use, light commercial use, and agricultural use such as pole barns.

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Commercial Grade

Our commercial grade 26 gauge metal panels have a large amount of zinc applied in the galvanization substrate process. The 26 gauge is the strongest in the industry and is designed to withstand the elements. This particular grade of metal siding panel works especially well for commercial and agricultural applications.

Kinds of Metal siding panels

metal siding panels

Vertical Siding Panels

 We give you the option to install vertical siding panels at OK Metals, made from durable steel and customizable to your desires. Vertical siding panels are a more modern approach to doing siding panels, installing the panels “top to bottom”. Vertical siding panels are trendy and eye-catching as well as easy to clean and whitewash. On the other hand, vertical siding may take a while longer to install and additionally may cost extra.  

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Horizontal Siding Panels

A more traditional approach to installing siding panels is horizontal siding panels, which we also offer.  Installing horizontally, side to side, can be more affordable and take less time. It has a more traditional look and will be easier to apply generally. A few possible drawbacks of horizontal siding panels are less durability where the rain settles into the cracks, and more difficulty cleaning the panels.


Whether you need metal panels for your pole barn or trim for your garage, we have the supplies you need. The metal panels we manufacture are made with galvanized steel and are corrosion-resistant. With prices that are hard to beat, and a three-day turnaround time, you can be sure that OK Metals has what you need when you need it.

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